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Every month, the first day is a chance to show how your post is making a difference in the prevention of veteran suicide.

By regularly doing Buddy Checks, you can connect with veterans and let them

feel that they are not alone and that you might be the person who can save their lives.

To do Buddy Checks, you can call, text, email, or visit veterans you know and ask them how they are doing.

Five key steps that people can take to help someone who may be suicidal:

Ask them how they are feeling and if they have thoughts of suicide.
Keep them away from anything that could harm them, such as weapons or drugs.
Stay with them and listen to them without judgment.
Help them find professional help and support groups.
Follow them up regularly and show them you care.

We need to involve both men and women in suicide prevention.

Raise awareness and lower the suicide rate by empowering people to act on behalf of those who may be in danger.

By creating a safe space for conversation, offering support, and linking people to resources, the

The "Be the One" campaign hopes to make a difference in stopping suicide and saving lives.

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