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The American Legion Riders are a group of motorcycle enthusiasts who support the values and programs of The American Legion. They have more than 425 programs across the nation, organized at various levels of the Legion. They are a diverse and dynamic group, with a wide range of activities and causes. Some of their notable achievements are:

- Raising funds for the American Legacy Scholarship Fund, which helps children of fallen or disabled veterans.
- Participating in the Rolling Thunder rally in Washington D.C., which honors POW/MIA veterans every Memorial weekend.
- Supporting local and national charities that benefit veterans, children, women, and families in need.
- Creating the Patriot Guard movement, which protects military funerals and memorial services from disruptions and disrespect.
- Forming motorcycle Honor Guards and ceremonial teams, which highlight the camaraderie and spirit of veterans and bikers.
- Teaching motorcycle and driver safety in the community and schools, in collaboration with other motorcycling organizations.

The American Legion Riders are a proud and passionate group of Legion Family members. By sponsoring a new Riders program, your Post, District, or Department can benefit from their enthusiasm and visibility.

The Patriot Guard is a non-profit organization that was established by the American Legion Riders, a group of motorcycle enthusiasts who are also veterans. The Patriot Guard's mission is to honor and support the fallen heroes of the U.S. military and their families, as well as to promote patriotism and respect for the flag. The Patriot Guard provides escort services, flag lines, and other forms of assistance to the families of the deceased, as well as to active-duty service members and veterans. The Patriot Guard is not affiliated with any political or religious agenda and welcomes members from all backgrounds and beliefs who share their common values.


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