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Boys State and Girls State is an action-packed government simulation program for youth, who will complete their junior year of high school in June of each year. The aim is to provide “hands on” training in city, county, and state government. All levels of government are explored; executive, legislative, and judicial. As a citizen, you will take part in a variety of activities. Learn the importance of your role in our government. Meet other youth from all over Georgia and set up life-long friendships. This is a Pre-Application Form for Boys or Girls State. This information will enable the local American Legion Post 30 or Auxiliary Unit 30 to send you the Link for Registration that will have the Username and Password for the Online Application. Please Print This Form Out, Hand Complete it, PRINT LEGIBLY or TYPE, DO NOT USE CURSIVE and Mail to address shown on bottom.


Student Name: ___________________________________________ Date of Birth: ____________________________

                               First               Middle                    Last

Student’s Cell Phone: (_____) ___________________ Home or Parent’s Cell Phone (____) __________________

Student’s email: ______________________________________________________________

You MUST use a Personal Email Account (Yahoo, Gmail, etc.) or your family account. The school issued email address for students will NOT allow Boys/Girls State to send you the Link you will need. DO NOT use the Email Address that the school issued you as a student.

Family email: _________________________________________________________________________________________

Student’s GPA at the time of application: _____________ Projected Graduation Date: __________________

Is any member of your family a member of any American Legion Post or Auxiliary? YES____ NO____

If YES, Name: ____________________________________ Relationship: __________________________

Post Name and Number: _________________________________________________________________ ************************************************************************************

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Name and Address of High School: ____________________________________________________________

__________________________________________________School Office Phone: ______________________

Print Name, Title, and Email Address of School Official (Counselor) who will input information for the online application.


Name                                                                                                             Title

__________________________________________________________ Email Address


MAIL Completed form to the local:       American Legion Post 30

                                                                      P O Box 71551

                                                                   Albany, Ga. 31708-1551

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